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Otok Brač - HR

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Welcome in"Apartments Brigit"

Welcome to Bol island Brač and "Apartments Brigit" .Apartments are very modern and well equiped, situated in the very centre of town.We hope our web pages will help you find a perfect place for your next vacations.

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Bol is in many ways an exceptional town. It is the first and oldest coastal town on the island. Bol is the only town located on the open southern side of the island, as opposed to all other coastal towns, which are located in enclosed bays. Bol is surrounded by numerous beaches, located in the very centre of the town, and along the coast to the east and west. The most famous beach is Zlatni rat, which truly delights with its beauty and always changing endemic peak shape, stretched to the sea. The beach is vertically extended into the sea in the direction of the island of Hvar, and the tip changes direction influenced by the winds and waves.
Daily wind “Maestral” helps with the summer heat, and is also very favourable for windsurfing, which makes Bol one of the main destinations for surfers from Croatia and all over the world.

There are numerous cultural monuments in Bol, and one of the most important ones is the Dominican monastery, built on the east side of Bol, on the peninsula of Glavica. The first written record of its construction dates from 15th century. In the monastery there is a museum which holds Tintoretto’s school painting “Our Lady with child”, and many other historical artefacts from Bol and from the monastery.

There is also an art gallery in Bol, in the very centre of the town, which boasts of excellent collection of works of art by famous Croatian painters and sculptors, among which the most popular one is the Branko Deskovic collection of sculptures.
According to the last census, held in 2001, Bol has 1675 inhabitants, and with the constant growth of tourism, this number is increasing.